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Welcome to our Award Winning web site!
The name Ministry Fundraisers says it all, we are in the business of working strictly and directly in the Church and Christian communities helping you manage and promote Christian T-shirt fundraisers. The hottest designs in Christian T-Shirt and Christian Sweatshirt Fundraising can be found right here in our Christian T-Shirt Fundraiser programs.

Shop our online Christian Shirt store for great savings on Christian T-Shirts and Christian Sweatshirts. Click the Sale button for our Christian Shirt outlet.

Christian Shirt Sale

Offering the members of your church a Christian T-shirt fundraiser shows that your group is looking to make a lasting impression and with over 25 designs of Christian T-shirts and Christian Sweatshirts in our Christian T-shirt Fundraiser inventory you can rest assure that the impression will be made. Your fundraiser coordinator will work with you each step of the way in getting your Christian tshirt fundraiser off the ground and rolling. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Ministry Fundraisers during your Christian tshirt Fundraiser;
  • No Upfront Costs - You only pay when your Christian T-shirt fundraiser has concluded, so you have your profits before you ever pay us a dime for your Christian T-shirts or Christian Sweatshirts.
  • No Minimum or Pre-Purchasing - Since the size of Church's vary greatly across the country, we will never hold you to a minimum. On the same token you will never be required to pre-purchase any Christian shirts for your fundraiser, leaving you with no left over inventory. 
  • Earn THOUSANDS In A Few Short Weeks - Our fundraising program has helped even the smallest of groups raise substantial amounts of profit. Having each member of your group commit to selling a minimum of 10 Christian shirts during your fundraiser will have you swimming in profits. See our Profit Projector for more details.
  • Helping You Help Others - We will donate a percentage of your Christian T-shirt Fundraiser order total to a Charity or Cause of your choice on your behalf! Whether it is for your building fund, mission trip or a family your Church sponsors the choice is yours! The donation will be deducted from your order total and NOT your profits.
  • 24/7 Support - Count on Ministry Fundraisers to be there during your Christian tshirt fundraiser to answer questions and offer suggestions to increase the success of your fundraiser.
  • FREE Shipping - Regardless of the size of your order Ministry Fundraisers will ship your Christian Shirts from your fundraiser out to you free of charge!

These benefits and many more await you when you partner with Ministry Fundraisers for your next Christian T-shirt fundraiser. Go to our Fundraising FAQ or Fundraising Programs to learn more!

Camp, Retreat or Mission Trip? We Can Help!

Is your group looking for a custom look for their upcoming Camp, Retreat or Mission Trip or are you looking to add a custom look to your next Church or Christian fundraiser? Why not add your church logo or design on the front chest of any of our Christian t-shirts. We are happy to place your logo on the front of the shirt and our design on the back for an additional fee of only $1 per shirt. When it comes to Christian Fundraising we will bend over backwards to help you succeed in your fundraising efforts. Click HERE for details on adding custom text.

Ministry Fundraisers can help you plan your next fundraising event. Our Christian T-Shirt Fundraiser has been used for the following groups:
Ministry Fundraising
Church Fundraisers
Christian School Fundraisers
Christian T-Shirt Fundraisers
Spanish Christian T-Shirt Sales
Christian Sweatshirt Fundraiser
Church Building Improvement Fundraisers
Church Choir Fundraiser
and so much more!
Looking to do direct Christian shirt sales? Be sure to visit our wholesale site where you can purchase our Christian t-shirts at low bulk prices. The complete line of our Christian shirts are now available to purchase wholesale at



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